The Gender Gap

Learning why men and women experience pain differently

It’s one of the more puzzling observations in medicine: The vast majority of chronic pain patients are women. Women suffer disproportionately from irritable bowel syndrome, fibromyalgia, headaches (especially migraines), pain caused by damage to the nervous system, osteoarthritis, jaw problems like TMJ, and much more. Women also report more acute pain than men after the same common surgeries.

The Big Thaw

Freezing human eggs is gaining in popularity, but declaring it a success would be premature

Doctors have been freezing sperm for 60 years and embryos (fertilized eggs) for 30. The first pregnancy from a frozen egg occurred in 1986.

Egg Freezing

Doctors have been freezing sperm for 60 years and embryos (fertilized eggs) for 30. The first pregnancy that resulted from a frozen egg occurred in 1986.

High Water Marks

There’s no question swimming is good for you. Is it better than running or walking? Not so fast.

 Is swimming the best exercise for lifelong health?

After all, you can swim with just your arms if you have a bum knee, or with just your legs if you have sore arms. You can swim with arthritis. Or a recently replaced hip.

Those Restless Legs…

Restless legs syndrome keeps you going (even if you want to

The symptoms of restless legs syndrome sound so bizarre —
creepy-crawly feelings and an uncontrollable urge to move the legs, especially
at bedtime — that until recently, many people who experienced it simply weren’t
believed when they described it to others.

Keep Pedaling!

Whether you do it to lose weight, maintain weight loss, or just have fun, exercise is essential for good health.

As a nation, we are obviously getting fatter and fatter. Yet we seem ever more confused about how to lose weight. We’re particularly fuzzy on the question of how big a role exercise plays, or whether we just have to count calories.

Essay: Time to give up the ‘fighting’ metaphor

A little over a year ago, just after Ted Kennedy was diagnosed with brain cancer, I wrote a column suggesting that we stop urging him to “Fight, Ted, fight!” and instead grant him the freedom to live as fully as possible with his cancer until the end, which, sadly, came earlier this week.The fighting metaphor, especially when applied to cancer, drives me nuts. Cancer is not a war or a football game. It’s an involuntary dance with a partner you didn’t choose. The fighting metaphor is insidious because it not so subtly implies that if you fight, you can “win.” And that if the cancer takes your life, if you “lose,” it is to some extent your fault. It’s not only patients and their loved ones who fall into this battlefield thinking, but doctors, too, who often see death as a failure. Their failure.

Evil weed or useful drug?

The pros and cons of medical marijuana

Marcy Duda, a former home health aide with four children and two granddaughters, never dreamed she’d be publicly touting the medical benefits of “pot.”

Finally, a study older folks can be happy about

Good news, folks! Some things actually get better with age, and I’m happy to say that emotional stability is one of them. It says so right in the authoritative Journal of Neuroscience.

Good to the last drop

New research suggests drinking coffee might actually be good for you

Coffee drinkers, rejoice!

The heavenly brew, once deemed harmful to health, is turning out to be, if not quite a health food, at least a low-risk drink, and in many ways a beneficial one. It could protect against diabetes, liver cancer, cirrhosis, and Parkinson’s disease.