Good night? Good luck.

As the economy sinks, insomnia increases and America searches for a good night’s sleep

Chris Dalto is an affable fellow, a happily married father of two and a lawyer-turned-financial planner. Normally, he sleeps like a baby.

‘I . . . feel like a man again’

Testosterone was once off limits for men with prostate cancer. Things are changing. 

Manny Hamelburg, 68, a retired businessman from Holbrook, had fought prostate cancer for years. First he tried radiation, then a drug with side effects that nearly killed him, and finally Lupron, a drug that blocks production of testosterone, the hormone that can fuel prostate cancer.

Cold comfort

Think you know how to avoid the sniffles? Maybe not.

If there’s any good news about the common cold, it might be this: You don’t have to stop kissing your sniffling loved one’s lips just to avoid catching their colds. But you probably will want to stop holding hands.

Comparing apples to organic apples

We’d like to think pesticide-free food is better for us, but scientific proof remains elusive.

With the recession breathing down our necks, you may be looking for ways to cut the household budget without seriously compromising family well-being. So here’s a suggestion: If you buy organic fruits and veggies, consider going for the less pricey nonorganic produce instead.

When pain arrives – and help does not

I never knew such pain existed.

This past spring, my neck suddenly went bonkers — a long-lurking arthritic problem probably exacerbated by hunching over my new laptop.

Environmental cues affect how much you eat

Next time you sit down to dinner, dim the lights – but not too much. Both bright light and dim light may make you eat more. Watch the background music, too. If it’s too fast, you’ll eat fast, and therefore more; too slow and you’ll keep eating. And think small for plates – a portion that looks skimpy on a dinner plate looks ample on a salad plate.

‘Fighting’ isn’t how you deal with cancer

Fight, Ted, fight!”

This mantra, chanted over and over to give moral support to Senator Edward M. Kennedy as he faces brain cancer, drives me nuts. The caring behind it is wonderful; the metaphor is not.

Time to cleanse? Think again

To read the Internet ads, you’d think that our bodies were awash in “toxins” – usually unspecified – and that we should therefore go to dramatic lengths, like “colon cleansing” and chelation to get rid of all this bad stuff.

Women athletes win equal time on injury list

A week from today, 10,375 women – and 14,737 men – are expected to run in the Boston Marathon. The presence of so many women – the most ever entered in the historic race – is a sure sign of how far women have come in athletics.

Weight-loss surgery increasingly seen as treatment for diabetes

Elizabeth Soto used to say no when her husband suggested they go dancing. “I didn’t want to go,” she said. “I felt tired and ugly.” She also was carrying 314 pounds on her 5-foot-7-inch frame and had diabetes.