Keeping Your Nose Clean

Okay. So your daily attempt at perfection already includes brushing and flossing, exercising, meditating, eating fruits and veggies, and overall clean, healthy living. Here’s one more health habit you might consider. (Or not.)

For some, it’s sneezing all the way

You’re running around getting ready for Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or Ramadan – or just a generic holiday party.

You shop. You cook. You get the candles from the bottom drawer, the decorations from the basement. If Christmas is your tradition, you probably get a tree, too, all fragrant and piney.You certainly don’t need something else to worry about – like holiday allergies.

When a staple of diet can be lethal

Max Collins, now 8 and a second grader in Burlington, was a baby when a tiny taste of peanut butter nearly killed him.

Sneezing early? It’s el Nino’s fault

Just when you thought there was nothing left to blame on El Nino comes this: We’re in for an unusually early – and perhaps long and nasty – allergy season this year.

Latex allergies can cause misery

Lise C. Borel, now 42, had been happily practicing dentistry for 10 years when she began noticing welts on her neck whenever she touched herself after removing her latex gloves.

Don’t wait for allergy to hit; strike first

There may still be patches of snow smothering your crocuses, but believe it or not, springtime allergy season is only about 10 days away – and for some poor souls it’s already begun.